Every morning (well, nearly every morning) I get up around six and walk my dog.  The world is very quiet at that time of day and it gives me time to reflect.  During this time, while I’m exercising my dog and myself, one of my rituals is to silently express gratitude.  I find that, as per the literature, this does have the effect of making me more positive and resilient.  I express gratitude for my life’s circumstances, and all the influential and important people I have known or know.  Someone I always express thanks for is my coach.

When I started my coaching business I was juggling a lot of things.  I was a full-time contract Business Analyst, that’s how I earnt my money.  I was building a coaching business, that was my passion.  But I also had a family that needed me, and, in particular a daughter struggling at school and in life as a result of a late ADHD diagnosis.  To be honest, I wasn’t just juggling, I was struggling, and felt stuck as a result.

I can still vividly recall the session with my coach where we addressed this.  The room was bright and airy and french doors led onto a balcony.  Dominating not just the corner where it sat, but the whole room was a Jade Plant of stupendous proportions.  Having described my dilemma sat across the corner of a large glass coffee table from my coach, she suggested an exercise.  I was to imagine a scale on the floor of the room where one end represented giving all of my spare energy and time to supporting my daughter, and the other focussing exclusively on developing my business.  The idea being to take each extreme position and then locate where I felt most comfortable.  The results of this exercise were visceral, and quickly brought insight and clarity into just how much I needed to give to my daughter versus my business in order to neither feel I was failing her, or myself.  From that point on I neither felt stuck nor struggling, and progressed rather than prevaricated as a result.

Fast forward 18 months and I am proud to say that I am now a ‘Startup Planner Approved’ SUPA consultant Business Coach, having helped many to overcome just those kind of challenges.

The Startup Planners [link] specialise in helping new and fledgling businesses find funding, and providing mentoring support during launch and growth.  Their network of SUPA consultants are approved to provide expert support throughout the early stages of a business.

Many of these consultants will help you with business specific challenges.  An accountant can help you make your business more tax efficient and keep more of your revenue from the clutches of Inland Revenue.  A business consultant can help you to reorganise for efficiency and effectiveness, perhaps highlighting opportunities for outsourcing business operations.  An IT consultant can help you to identify opportunities to automate and implement efficiency and costs saving IT systems.  As a Business Coach, I can help you if the challenge, or area of improvement focus is you!

Some of the things that I can help with as a business coach are::

  • Helping you, or your teams, to be more productive
  • Identifying and developing new ways to tackle persistent problems
  • Building confidence and helping you to go outside your comfort zone
  • Combating unconscious incompetence
  • Understanding how to work with different types of people
  • Improving your leadership skills
  • Overcoming your internal saboteur
  • Preparing you for and supporting you through growth, diversification, or other big changes
  • Identifying and facing the fears that you keep hidden, sometimes even from yourself
  • Working out what kind of business you want to own and run
  • Becoming an influencer

I have already helped many professionals and business owners address issues like these which is how I’ve earned my Startup Planner approval.  Why not get in touch to see if I can help you too?


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