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Career Coaching

Best Foot Forward

Careers can be challenging at times. Sometimes you just get stuck. Stuck in role. Stuck in an organisation. Stuck with redundancy. Stuck at work when you’d rather be home. Or even stuck at home when you’d rather be at work!

Whatever it is that causing you to feel to stuck, my Best Foot Forward coaching programme can help you. Whether you are looking to advance your career, move to a different job, get back to work, or even just get some more balance between home and work.

My four step Best Foot Forward programme is specially designed for frustrated professionals who want to get their careers back on track so that they can meet their goals head-on and live passionately again. It consists of:

Locating yourself:
I’m sure you know where you are physically (if not, then perhaps it’s not coaching you need!). But it’s easy for all of us to lose where we are in terms of our skills, our passions and dreams, our boundaries, and what we find energising and nourishing. We’ll take the time up-front to relocate yourself, and work out what it is you’re bringing to your next role, and, just as importantly, what it needs to bring to you.

Setting your sights:
As the Cheshire Cat told Alice in Alice in Wonderland, if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which direction you go in. So, to move forward purposefully, once you’ve located yourself, you need to set your sights on your destination. We’ll spend time considering different options, weighing them up in terms of what you learnt in stage 1, until you’ve settled on your target.

Building the bridge:
Between where you are and where you want to get there might be a narrow, shallow, stream, or a wide chasm. Either way, the best way to get across is to build a bridge. Building bridges requires planning, and that’s what this stage is about, building a plan for how you will reach your target. Every bridge also has a weight limit which might mean leaving something behind. In this stage we’ll also look at what might be weighing you down and helping you to leave that behind. As the title of Marshall Goldsmith’s book says “What got you here, won’t get you there”.

Putting your best foot forward:
Now you know where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there, it’s time to get going. And, having gone through the previous stages, you can really put your best foot forward. As the old military adage goes, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. And often, in life, that enemy is ourselves! This stage of the programme is about keeping you on track. Making adjustments as you go to addressing the inevitable road-bumps and occasional diversions for sure, but all the while keeping you focussed on where you are going until you get there.

Please email me or call me on 07799 362 694 so we can discuss if this programme is right for you and to schedule your first session.

Executive Coaching

The Winner’s Edge

The challenges of leadership don’t just seem never ending, they are! No sooner have you gone through one major organisational change, than you need to motivate your team to achieve a new Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Whilst learning how to manage a multi-generational workforce with different values and ideals, you are trying to find new ways to tackle old problems that sometimes seem unsolvable. And, while all this is going on, you have to focus on your own career, preparing for the next big assignment or promotion. It may be rewarding, but it’s definitely not an easy life!

Whatever the current challenge, my Winning Edge coaching programme can help. I created with busy senior managers, executives, and SME business owners in mind. It’s three stages will develop you for long-term success so that you can confidently navigate changes in your situation, or that of your organisation.

Discovery In discovery we’ll use a number of lenses to help you better understand yourself in the context of your position. We’ll identify:
What your makes your life meaningful, ethical, creative and impactful
What your most influential relationships are and have been, and what impact those relationships and relationship patterns continue to have on you.
What kind of leader you are, how you operate as a leader and respond to leadership, and how leadership works in your organisation
What networks are you part of, what influences those networks, how do these influences impact upon you.

Development Taking the learnings from Discovery we’ll work together to identify and pursue your development priorities in pursuit of the goal you set yourself as an outcome of the coaching.

The above description should not be taken to mean that there will be strictly linear path; there may be frequent transitions between Discovery and Development throughout the coaching engagement

Please email me or call me on 07799 362 694 so we can discuss if this programme is right for you and to schedule your first session.

Business Coaching

Transition to Success

If you want to start your own business, even if you aren’t sure what that would look like, so that you “build your dreams, not their’s”, then my Transition to Success programme is for you.

This is my unique structured and intensive business start-up programme curated especially for ambitious, motivated mid to late career professionals who want to break out on their own, so they can live their lives with passion and fulfilment.

The programme is structured in three parts:

Part 1: Orientation:
We’ll develop your “Business Identity” by looking at
• Your cognitive preferences
• Your values
• Your mission/purpose
• Your preferred lifestyle

Part 2: Ideation
We’ll rapidly develop a number of business ideas to different levels through:
• Imagining different solutions for the problems of potential customers
• Evaluating these solutions
• Deciding on a business idea to take forward

Part 3: Realisation
We’ll take the idea you’ve selected into the real world by:
• Completing the business plan you started in Ideation
• Developing and implementation plan
• Building the business and sustaining momentum

Throughout this programme, which is a unique mix of structured coaching and training, you will learn more about yourself, as well as some key business and design thinking concepts and techniques.

If you’re ready to break out of the world of employment to start your own business, then get in touch by email or by phone on 07799 362 694 to discuss if the Transition to Success programme is right for you.

Coach Mentoring

As a professional coaches, assuming we adhere to a code of ethics from one of the credible organisations (AC, ICF, EMCC, etc.) - and who doesn't? - we are committed to ongoing professional development, and in many case, committed to ensuring we are appropriate supervised.

Coach mentoring can fulfil both of those obligations helping you to become the best coach you can be by leveraging the experience, training, and direction from another coach.

I am trained to the ICF's ACTP level including a module on coaching supervision so I can provide coaching mentoring in line with ICF standards. Because this is mentoring and not supervision, I can also offer this service for a lower fee than most supervisors charge.

Contact me by email or phone on 07799 362 694 to book.

What People Say About Me:

A big thanks Sean! I have achieved so much over the last 9 months that would not have been possible without you.
Very early on you demonstrated positivity, motivating me to take personal responsibility for my future which resulted in a promotion with 40% pay rise within just a couple of short months. This demonstrated the art of the possible to me and I started to think bigger!
Because you are completely non-judgemental, you create a safe environment where I feel able to share anything and everything, and this means I now have a clear purpose/vision for my life, covering not just career, but family, friends, health and wellbeing.
Having a vision is one thing, but realising that ambition is something else. Because of your skilful use of the art of asking the right questions, I have been able to challenge my limiting beliefs, and make the decisive step to purse entrepreneurship. Being accepted into Cambridge Business school is my first step toward this.
I really value your attention, skill and support and know that it was a great investment having you as my coach.
Thanks again.
Vice President