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Transition Coaching

Do you want to use the transition you are going through as a launchpad to a life of meaningful flourishing?

Transitions are messy.  Stumbling through at the whim of turbulent emotions can leave us battle weary and jaded.  But approached in the right way they can be a catalyst for the kind of personal growth and transformation that lifts your life to heights that are difficult to see in the moment.  As author Bella Bloom wrote, approached in the right way, “The best part of your story is when it changes”

Because we are all unique, so too are our transitions.  This means there is no ‘one size fits all’ process which can be applied.  However, there are broad themes that apply which allow a framework within which we’ll work.  These themes form the word Fide, which in latin means trustworthy, or faithful.

Transitions are emotional.  We are plagued by a whole gamut of feelings.  These feelings are often referred to as the change or grief ‘curve’, but they are rarely felt in sequence.  The suffering that many of these emotions bring comes from a combination of our designation of emotions as either positive or negative, and our desire to minimise those we label as positive and maximise those we label as positive.  In Feeling, we work on allowing ourselves to just feel without judgement or desire.

Much of the stress we feel during transitions is caused by the conflict between a perceived need to change our sense of self and the ego struggling to maintain our previous version of self.  In fact, our sense of self is illusory and is based purely upon the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.  In identification we work on both changing those stories, but also to recognise that they are just stories which, whilst often helpful, can be just as unhelpful and that we can learn to change them according to the needs of ourselves and those around us.

Sometimes a change is thrust upon us, at other times we initiate the change.  Either way, we are put into motion.  Direction is about cutting through automated responses and the mind’s ‘chatter’ and consciously choosing the direction and nature of that motion.

As Marshall Goldsmith says in the title of his book “What got you here won’t get you there”.  He is specifically talking about behaviours and the need to evaluate our habits and behaviours as our lives change to ensure that we are doing the right things for where we are now and where we want to get to.  In the Transition Coaching framework, we extend that to not only include our behaviours and habits, but also our beliefs and values, our support and relationship networks and other environmental factors, and even our connection to the bigger picture (our relationship to the divine if you are spiritual or religious).  This may mean letting go of certain things as well as embracing new ones.

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Intensive Business Startup

Transition to Success

If you want to start your own business, even if you aren’t sure what that would look like, so that you “build your dreams, not their’s”, then my Transition to Success programme is for you.

This is my unique structured and intensive business start-up programme curated especially for ambitious, motivated mid to late career professionals who want to break out on their own, so they can live their lives with passion and fulfilment.

The programme is structured in three parts:

Part 1: Orientation:
We’ll develop your “Business Identity” by looking at
• Your cognitive preferences
• Your values
• Your mission/purpose
• Your preferred lifestyle

Part 2: Ideation
We’ll rapidly develop a number of business ideas to different levels through:
• Imagining different solutions for the problems of potential customers
• Evaluating these solutions
• Deciding on a business idea to take forward

Part 3: Realisation
We’ll take the idea you’ve selected into the real world by:
• Completing the business plan you started in Ideation
• Developing and implementation plan
• Building the business and sustaining momentum

Throughout this programme, which is a unique mix of structured coaching and training, you will learn more about yourself, as well as some key business and design thinking concepts and techniques.

If you’re ready to break out of the world of employment to start your own business, then get in touch by
email or by phone on 07799 362 694 to discuss if the Transition to Success programme is right for you.

Coach Mentoring

As a professional coaches, assuming we adhere to a code of ethics from one of the credible organisations (AC, ICF, EMCC, etc.) - and who doesn't? - we are committed to ongoing professional development, and in many case, committed to ensuring we are appropriate supervised.

Coach mentoring can fulfil both of those obligations helping you to become the best coach you can be by leveraging the experience, training, and direction from another coach.

I am trained to the ICF's ACTP level including a module on coaching supervision so I can provide coaching mentoring in line with ICF standards. Because this is mentoring and not supervision, I can also offer this service for a lower fee than most supervisors charge.

Contact me by email or phone on 07799 362 694 to book.

What People Say About Me:

“Sean’s coaching helped me feel more relaxed and, through this change, I have become more optimistic and active. I now see the future as a friend rather than as a cause of fear, and I am grateful to Sean for this”

“Through his use of great questioning, listening and the trust he established, Sean enabled me to gain clarity on my next steps in terms of my career, ensuring my decisions and choices were aligned with my values and purpose, as well as my skills and experience.”

“A big thanks Sean!  I have achieved so much over the last 9 months that would not have been possible without you.
Very early on you demonstrated positivity, motivating me to take personal responsibility for my future which resulted in a promotion with 40% pay rise…”

“Change is hard,  but you can do it and Sean can help you find your path.”

“I have never experienced such a shift in my thinking before. The process felt challenging and gentle at the same time. Often it was a single question that Sean asked me that realised emotion and thinking that I hadn’t realised were there before…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sean as a coach.”