Sean Ellis - Career and Business Coach

Welcome to the first day of your Lifted Life

Everyone's life needs a lift from time to time. That's why I started Lifted Life, because I was passionate about helping people like you to make more of your life. Whether you want to get more balance while still acheiving your goals, build upon the successes you've already had, or unblock something that's frustrating you, I can help.

My Services
Career Coaching

If you are looking to advance your career, move to a different job, or even just get some more balance between home and work, then my
Best Foot Forward programme
is for you.

Specially designed for frustrated professionals who want to get their careers back on track so that they can meet their goals head-on and live passionately again.

Business Coaching

If you want to start your own business, even if you aren’t sure what that would look like, so that you “build your dreams, not their’s”, then my
Transition to Success programme
is for you.

This is my unique structured and intensive business start-up programme curated especially for ambitious, motivated mid to late career professionals who want to break out on their own, so they can live their lives with passion and fulfilment.

Executive Coaching

If you need to identify new ways to tackle old problems, can see where you need to go but not how to get there, or just recognise a need to make changes in yourself for long-term success, then you need my
Winning Edge programme.

Created for busy senior managers, executives, or SME business owners. It will prepare you for or to navigate changes in your situation, or that of the organisation setting you up for long-term success so you can move forward with confidence.

Blog Posts
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Meet Sean
Lifted Life

Hi, my name is Sean Ellis. I started Lifted Life for one simple reason; I love to make a difference. I saw first hand the difference that coaching could make when I was a team leader and had to coach as a manager. So when I was made redundant, I decided to train professionally as a coach and start my own coaching business. My experience since then has only reinforced my conviction that coaching can make a real difference in people's lives. It’s my mission in life to bring more love and abundance into the world by helping people to achieve their dreams, and Lifted Life is the vehicle I’ve chosen to carry out that mission.

I am a member of both the Association for Coaching, and the International Coach Federation whose Code of Ethics I adhere to.

I always respond personally to emails, so please do drop me a line and let me know your situation.