Build your dreams, not theirs

Welcome to the first day of your Lifted Life

Are you tired of working for others, building their dream not yours? Are you sure there's a better way? At Lifted Life we believe there is! We exist for people like you, helping you to move from working for others to working for yourself; helping you to build your dream, not theirs

Our Services
Transition to Success

Our unique package created to move you successfully into self-employment and build your dreams, not theirs

Coaching and Consultation

Building the life of your dreams brings challenges along the way. A professionally qualified coach or business transformation professional can make the difference between success and failure.


Our unique take on the Mastermind group concept is a key component of the support network you'll need as you build your dreams

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Meet the Team
Lifted Life
Sean Ellis

Hi, I'm Sean and the founder and CEO of Lifted Life Ltd. My purpose in life is to bring more love and abundance into the world and I'm passionate about helping people to be free to determine their own path